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In Kelly's Corner (Fighting Connolly's, #1) - Roxie Rivera 4.5stars

Until November

Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds 4.5 Stars
Cage (Corps Security, #2) - Harper Sloan I won’t repeat the Book Description I’ll just start out on my view on Cage! lol
Wow!! Where has this man been all my life!!! I could not put this book down! It has it all: Fantastic plot, Awesome MC's, the supporting cast is out of this world(Sway OMG so funny),wild-sweet-kinky sex(if you’ve seen any of the teasers then you HAVE to read the whole thing ;) )and an ending that will leave you sighing but wanting more!!!

Greg is this sweet, loving man with a protective side miles long. He’s determined, loyal, take no crap kinda guy with some kinky thrown in. I know we all loved him in Axel but now we get to know him on a more one on one basis! You will fall madly in love I promise!!!

Melissa/Meli-Kate is the type of women I would love to be! Strong, witty, devoted to her family and all around sweet and loving! But she will take NO crap off of anyone including Greg. The Beauty for the Beast! To me she’s the perfect match for Greg.

You also get to see what all the Corps men are up to and even get some time with Braxxon from Crystal Spears Seize Me. Greg and him together is breath taking and keeps you on the edge of your set to see what they will do!!

With that being said I highly recommend you read Cage!!! It’s the best book I’ve read so far this year! I know I said that about Axel but Harper Sloan just keeps getting better and better with each book she writes! Now I want Beck!

Axel (Corps Security, #1)

Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan I just want to start out by saying that this is the VERY FIRST review that I have ever written but I just have to have my say.....5 stars all the way!!!

First off...I had the honor of reading Axel while it was in the process of being written an I have to say Mrs. Slaon had me begging, yes begging in not so many words for her to send me the next chapter as soon as she had it written. I want to say a big huge THANK YOU for the chapter by chapter experience. I felt like I was part of the story and living right beside Axel and Izzy.

As for the story. I know that y'all have read the description and the teasers. So there is really no need for me to repeat them. What I want to say is that this book is a MUST read IMO. It's brilliantly written with ALL that a reader would expect in a well written book. It has depth, feelings that you actually feel yourself, character that are sweet, funny, passionate, well rounded, and you simply fall in love with from the very start. Oh and of coarse hot, steamy, amazing sex!!!! PERFECT! Not to much and yet not over the top. Again PERFECT. I don't know about most of you but I like a little meat with my sex and Mrs. Sloan delivered that in spades.

Now AXEL.....Where can I get one like him? I fell in love with him from the moment he enter the story. To me he's a hero with it all. An Alpha male that has a heart and puts others before him. He knows exactly what he wants(Izzy) and he doesn't stop until he has her safe and by his side.

Izzy is the perfect heroine. Yes she has her set backs but she doesn't whine and bitch about it to everyone. She's had a hard life but she doesn't let it rule her. She strong when she needs to be and caring all the time. Her love for Axel is complete and true. Her heart shines through all the crap fate has thrown at her.

The supporting characters are awesome. I could only wish that I had as true of friends like Izzy has. Dee is a sport but loyal to the extreme. Greg is someone that I would want at my back for anything. The best guy friend that Izzy could ever ask for. And I just love his nickname he has for her 'baby girl' and the fact that Axel is so jealous of that friendship. An Sway....the funniest damn gay man I have ever had the honor of reading about. I LOVE me some Sway. lol Maddox is a sweetheart underneath all those muscles but broken by something in his past.(has me wondering) Beck, well Beck we don't know much about but I can't wait to find out and that goes for Coop also.

As a new author Mrs. Harper Sloan has a winning series on her hands and I see her going far. It takes talent, ambition, love, and most importantly heart to do what Harper is doing and I just want to congratulate her on her first book and I look forward to Cage, Beck, Coop and Locke's stories. I honestly can't wait to know more about the people that I have fell head over heal in love with.

Last but the most important in my review...... READ THIS BOOK!!!! Trust me you will not be disappointed and you will be begging for the next in the series.

Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy and Prediction - Diana Peterfreund, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl, Matt de la Pena, Simone Elkeles, Heather Brewer, Laini Taylor, Michael  Grant, Saundra Mitchell, Carrie Ryan, Lisa McMann, Malinda Lo, Richelle Mead Wish there was more in Homecoming!!!!